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Location in the very heart of Karkonosze!

Our apartment is located in the heart of Karkonosze in the polish Sudetan Mountains. It's in the very centre of the Kowary town, only 300 metres to the bus station, from which you can easily get to Karpacz, only 6 kms away from here. There you will find a lot of ski slopes and mountain trails. Buses to Karpacz leave more or less every 30 minutes, and getting to higher Karpacz, where most trips to Śnieżka start, will take you about 20 minutes.

The green, blue, yellow, red and black trails start in medium and higher Karpacz and you can also choose from a variety of attractions like the Samotnia shelter situated at a mountain lake between the mountains, a few other shelters located above Samotnia, Łomniczka pass, where you can find a symbolic cemetary of the casualties of the mountains, of which not everyone knows.

The main goal of most trails starting in Karpacz is the Śnieżka mountain, beautiful in every part of the year. But you don't have to end your trip here as the trails go even further to the Czech border called Okraj near Kowary, or the other way to the Karkonosze Pass and further on to Śnieżne Kotły, Szrenica and down to Szklarska Poręba. If also this trek is not enough, from Szklarska Poręba you can walk into the Jizera Mountains or to the Czech side of the Karkonosze Mountains. Multiple shelters situated in Karkonosze make it possible to hike for many days without having to go down.

Apart from the mountain trails, in Karpacz you will find the only nordic church called Wang, moved from Norway in 1842. And going down from the mountains you can relax in one of the aquaparks in the Golebiewski Hotel or the Sandra SPA Hotel, where you will also be able to play bowling, pool, get some SPA treatments and have a drink in numerous pubs and night clubs all over Karpacz.

You can also go to Szklarska Poręba, offering a lot of ski slopes, ski lifts and other mountain trails that cover not only the entire Karkonosze Mountains, but the Jizera Mountains stretching for kilometers. Here there are also numerous cycle tracks and cross country ski tracks. If you head this way we stronhly recommend you to try the famous blackberry pancakes in the Mountaineers' Hut, that has no electricity whatsoever and then head to the quarries or - for the more ambitious - go to Świeradów over the mountains.

Now, coming back to Kowary... Here you will find the exceptional Miniatures Park of the monuments of Lower Silesia, offering a guided virtual tour of the most popular monuments in the area. If you stil don't have enough of the mountains and get some fresh mountain air, we suggest you to go through Jedlinki to the Czech border called Okraj, where you must try the traditional dumplings and czech beer.

For history lovers and explorers of mysteries of Lower Silesia there is a huge attraction in Kowary - the secret mines, where uranium was extracted until the mid 60's of the 20th century. The mines were intensely operated by the Germans during the war and the Russian after the war finished. All information about the mines was highly classified for many years. Next to the mines there is a hotel called Jelenia Struga, offering SPA treatments, radium inhalations and the criogenic chamber.


Next to the bus station there are two supermarkets and a bank. To the town centre it's only half a kilometer on foot from the apartment.

Should you need any help, we will be happy to assist you. We can provide you a car with a driver, a local tour guide and organize you a tailored itinerary.

ul. Rzemieślnicza 21
58-530 Kowary
Tel. +48 501 037 889

Below is a map with directions to the Apartment