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Welcome to my website

I'm an Econimist and IT Specialist, currently working in Ireland. I've created this website in order to present my portfolio and hobbies, which I would be happy to share.

I professionally develop websites and multimedia e-learning applications. In my work I mainly utilize technologies as PHP, MySQL, XSLT, XML, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, MooTools, JSON, AJAX and Flash.

I've directly or indirectly worked on projects for The Agency for Restructuring and Modernization of Agriculture in Poland (ARiMR), which directly responds to the Minister of Agriculture, Cisco, IBM, Aviva Ireland, Alstom, GSK, Intel, BordGais, IDA Ireland, Ameriprise, investment banks such as Merril Lynch, Lehmann Brothers, Morgan Stanley, UBS, Citi and Capital One. I've also created a boat on-line booking system with on-line card payments.

Apart from my Web Developer's work I invest and deepen my knowledge about the stock markets and stock exchange, investment funds, which corresponds with my managerial education, certified by the Master's Degree in Management and the License for Members of Supervisory Boards and Boards of Directors of Public Limited Companies, issued by the polish Minister of Tresure.

For the last few years I occasionally do some social work, organizing charity campaigns, which are aimed to educate the society and to help the ones who are excluded from it.

I'm passionate about traveling, meeting new people from all over the world and their habbits, beliefs and culture. The coverage from my trip to Asia called "Transasia" should soon be available in bookstores and I'll let you know on my website as soon as it comes out. At the moment I'm looking for a publisher to help me achieve that goal.

I intent to publish some excerpts here. In the mean time you're very welcome to browse my website and my gallery, where you can find some photos from my trip to the North Cape, Asia and my most recent trip to Peru and Bolivia.

Best Regards
Maciej Abramowicz